About Us

Welcome to Barista Bros.

Barista Bros. is a family owned and operated gourmet coffee business. Our aim is to provide coffee at remote sites where coffee service is required.

We service the metropolitan Melbourne area, but are happy to travel to country Victoria for large events.

Barista Bros. are able to arrive on site, plug into power, set up and sell coffee in about sixty minutes.

We use the best beans available (from Genovese Coffee) and meticulously maintained Expresso machines, which allows us to make the very best quality cappuccino, caffe latte, flat white, long and short black coffee, and the many exotic coffees demanded today.

Be our guests, please look over our site, and feel free to contact us for prompt and courteous service. If we can’t help we will do our best to find somebody who can.

Our Beans

Our beans are purchased directly from the roaster, Genovese Coffee.

Our choice of coffee beans is Genovese Coffee’s premium blend, Super Brazil.

This is the Genovese flagship blend. A blend which has evolved through constant development of high grade coffees imported as green beans from around the world. After analysis the beans are roasted in modern computer directed drum roasters. After blending the product is tasted on a batch by batch basis to ensure the ultimate in flavour and consistency. The beans are then packaged in light and air tight packaging.

After the suggested time of rest immediately after roasting, normally three to four days, we purchase these wonderfully aromatic and flavour filled beans in small batches to maintain freshness. They are ground as required at each event, using maliciously clean equipment. Once ground the coffee is used within minutes.

You will recognize our passion for quality in every cup of coffee we produce.

Our Equipment

Our Coffee trailer is equipped with a La Cimbali 2 group espresso machine. Capable of producing 150 coffees per hour this wonderful machine only needs our coffee, fresh water and the knowledge in coffee preparation to produce large quantities of magnificent coffee.

Our coffee bench is equipped with a modern Wega 2 group espresso machine. Wega is known worldwide for their advanced technology. Our automatic machine will allow one barista to make up to 100 cups of perfect coffee per hour. This go anywhere bench is ideally suited in an office or is just as happy out in the field under an umbrella.

Our espresso machines are serviced regularly to perform to the manufacturers highest standard. Perfect pressure optimises milk texturing (steaming), and head pressure for maximum extraction.

We grind coffee at each event with our MAZZER and Wega grinders. Both of these machines are cleaned after each event and have replacement blades yearly. Both machines grind cleanly and precisely.

With this espresso equipment we are helped to serve exceptional espresso.

Our Coffee Trailer

Coffee Trailer is fully self-contained with refrigeration, hot water, 120 litres of sealed fresh water tanks and filters, stainless steel sinks and sullage tanks and able to operate on 240-volt, 10 amp. power (household), – or, by arrangement, our generator.

Trailer has full food registration and public liability insurance

Ability to serve up to 180 cups of coffee per hour, in environment friendly paper cups.

Larger and more diversified menu than almost all coffee outlets.

Can be used for markets, festivals, sports, field, outdoor music events and more

Our Coffee Bench

Coffee Bench can be used outdoors under a gazebo or indoors for corporate catering.

It is a smaller operation still using state of the art equipment.

Ideally suited to markets, smaller festivals, smaller school events, office catering, seminars, weddings and more.


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